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Northstar Tea Co.

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Our teas are always hand-blended in small batches to ensure optimum freshness
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Earl Green

green tea blend- caffeine level med

NEW TEA! Our newest Earl Grey tea - a beautiful blend of bergamot with light and refreshing green tea.

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Matcha green tea - caffeine level moderate to high

We're happy to offer our newest Green tea - Stargazer - this is a well-balanced matcha slightly grassy, not overly astringent, and a lovely umami cup, perfect for lattes and everyday enjoyment! As with all green teas use only hot water - never boiling which will scorch the tea and result in a bitter taste. Back in stock!


Moonlight Meadow

green tea blend- caffeine level low

Shimmery and golden you can almost feel the dewy grass between your toes. Light and fragrant green tea blended with subtle hints of lemon and spearmint. Naturally low in caffeine. Steep for 2-3 mins using hot water.

green space web_edited_edited_edited.jpg

Green Space

green tea blend- caffeine level high

Sencha and Matcha blended together for a creamy, buttery green tea experience. We sift matcha over sencha and carefully blend to ensure each leaf is well coated. We recommend you try the two steep method - a quick short steep of 25-30 for a matcha infused cup and a second longer steeping of 1-2 mins. which rewards you with a lovely buttery sencha. For a single steeping we recommend 1-2 mins. Also makes an excellent cold brew - 1-2 tsp. to 500 ml cold water steeped overnight, makes an oh so refreshing tea!

radiant mint.png

Radiant Mint

green tea blend- caffeine level low

A refreshing blend of green tea with spearmint, peppermint and just a hint of rose and lavender. Definitely for spearmint lovers! Steep 1-2 mins. using hot water. Makes a great iced tea too!

watermelon green_edited_edited_edited.jpg

Watermelon Green

green tea blend- caffeine level low

SEASONAL BLEND, back in stock! A delicate blend of sencha green tea with watermelon and spearmint  - wonderful hot or cold! 1tsp. per cup, steep 1-2 mins using hot, not boiling water. This tea is especially good for cold brewing - with no risk of overheating the tea : ) AVAILABLE FOR A LIMITED TIME WHILE SUPPLIES LAST.


Prairie Sunset

green tea blend- caffeine level low

Naturally low in caffeine, a perfect brew to enjoy while watching a spectacular prairie sunset...

Fragrant green tea blended with rose hips, chamomile, orange peel, lemon myrtle, licorice root, calendula and rose petals with just a hint of cinnamon and natural flavor. Steep 2-3 mins. using hot water.

kukicha camp web_edited.jpg

Kukicha Camp

green tea blend- caffeine level low

Warm and toasty Kukicha green tea blended with orange peel, rose hips fennel and cinnamon with a hint of clove. Naturally low in caffeine, it's perfect for all day enjoyment. OUT OF STOCK

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