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Welcome to Northstar Tea Co.

Hi! We're Dawn and Glen the folks behind Northstar Tea Co. We are tea lovers, on a tea adventure!

Our intention is to create a cup of tea that nourishes body and soul.  

  • We select only the best organic ingredients to create our original made in Manitoba tea blends.

  • We believe in fair trade and strive to use fairly traded and sustainably harvested ingredients in all our blends.

  • Our teas are hand-blended in small batches, so they are always fresh and flavourful! 

We love the way tea connects people - even the act of brewing tea creates a space in your day to stop and enjoy its simple pleasure. 

“If you are cold,

  tea will warm you;
  If you are too heated,

  it will cool you;
  If you are depressed,

  it will cheer you;
  If you are excited,

  it will calm you.”

― William Ewart Gladstone

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