Northstar Tea Co.

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Our teas are always hand-blended in small batches to ensure optimum freshness

Milky Way Earl Grey

black tea blend- caffeine level medium

The classic blend the Northstar Tea Co. way, bergamot with a hint of vanilla and fragrant rose petals. Steep for 3-4 mins. 


Polaris Breakfast Blend

black tea blend- caffeine level high

A classic hearty cup - A hearty brew for anytime of day with our select blend of teas and just a hint of vanilla. Excellent with milk and sugar. Steep for 4-5 mins.




black tea blend- caffeine level medium

Inspired by the Parkland region of Manitoba, a blend of black tea with fragrant lavender, sweet honeybush, hints of peppermint and subtle notes of blueberry. Steep for 3-5 minutes.


Mint Solstice

black tea blend- caffeine level medium

Black tea with a hint of spearmint and fragrant rose petals– a perfect brew designed to renew and refresh the spirit. Excellent on it’s own and wonderful with milk and honey. This one makes an amazing iced tea too! Steep for 3-5 mins.


Highland Fling

black tea blend- caffeine level high

A hearty cup of black tea that befits the bold and exuberant Scottish dance it's named for. Our tribute to the classic Scottish Breakfast Blend, and a hearty brew for anytime of day. Excellent with milk and sugar. Steep for 4-5 mins. Definitely NOT caffeine free!


Fireside Chai

black tea blend- caffeine level low

Warming and spicy with hints cardamom, cinnamon and spicy ginger root - adding milk brings out the natural sweetness. Cocoa nibs, ginger, cinnamon, lemon peel, cardamom and black tea with calendula, safflower and natural cardamom flavour. This is a mainly herbal blend and is naturally low in caffeine. Steep for 8-10 mins using one heaping tsp. per cup for maximum flavour. Try re-steeping this one - for a more robust black tea flavour the second time around we suggest you add 1/2 tsp. - 3/4 tsp of Polaris Breakfast Blend or any hearty loose leaf black tea.